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I am currently a 1st Year undergraduate student at the University of Liverpool, studying Egyptology with Chinese. That means I spend 75% of my time doing Egyptology, and 25% of my time learning Mandarin. But Egyptology isn't just about mummies and pyramids. Whilst I do study history and material culture (art and archaeology), this year I have been studying Middle Egyptian, which is essentially the classical phase of the Ancient Egyptian language. This generally comprises of me yelling at my hieroglyphic dictionary late at night, but it's an incredibly rewarding skill, to be able to walk around the British Museum and actually understand what on earth the Egyptians were on about. (Spoiler alert - it's usually a lot less exciting than you think).

Okay, so I guess I can't actually call myself an Egyptologist, as much as I wish I was called Dr Day. I have, however, had some exposure to the field, primarily through my work with the Egypt Exploration Society. In 2015, I digitised over 700 sketches from H. W. Fairman's excavations at Sesebi in the 1930s, and attended a seminar with Historic England and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities on the issues facing ancient sites in the modern tourist climate. In 2016, I was back digitising again (over 2000 images this time!), as well as writing site reports on Sesebi, Armant and Amara West. Additionally, I was part of the volunteer team that helped to run the inagural Current British Archaeology in Egypt conference 2016. I acted as photographer and receptionist, and had a fantastic weekend meeting Egyptologists, academics, students and the general public from all over the world, all with an interest in Egyptology!

This June, I'm heading back to the EES for my now annual week of work experience, and I'm looking forward to being able to better understand the context of the material and data I will be working with, after a year of undergraduate study.


Here I am, doing my best Michael Palin impression (clothing wise), cutting up cake at the EES! I promise I did a lot of work that week as well!


I can't lie and say that I was someone who was keen on languages from a young age. I'm half-Vietnamese and my Vietnamese is atrocious. I've picked up on other languages in recent years, though, and can speak a decent amount of Japanese, having studied it for 4 years (GCSE and AS Level), as well as Chinese, which I've been studying as part of my university course since September 2016. I studied Latin for 5 years at school, which came in surprisingly handy when I started learning Middle Egyptian, which is essentially the version of hieroglyphs that the Ancient Egyptians themselves considered to be the classical phase of their language. I'm hoping to put some of these languages (although maybe not Middle Egyptian) to use this summer, when I will be working for the New College Group, at their Junior International Summer School based in York.


Here's a photo of me in Rome. I can't speak a single word of Italian.

In April 2017, I had the opportunity to travel to Shanghai and study at East China Normal University (ECNU), as a participant on the Study China programme, overseen by the University of Manchester and the government Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

I was chosen, as one of the 87 participants, from a pool of over 800 applicants. The application process consisted of answering a series of questions, both short and long, as to why we wanted to study in China and participate on the programme. If anyone is thinking of applying, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

The programme lasted for three weeks, and included around 40 hours of Mandarin classes, as well as three cultural classes (Beijing Opera, martial arts and calligraphy), on top of excursions to the cities of Yangzhou and Zhenjiang. On our free day, I chose to travel to the famous West Lake at Hangzhou, just an hour from Shanghai, before our Chinese family visit the following day.

Study China

The Study China 2017 cohort, from a range of universities across England and Northern Ireland.


I love Japan. I would have written that sentence in Japanese, but for some reason my HTML programme doesn't like other languages. In October 2015, I was immensely lucky to be able to travel to Tokyo, Okegawa and Saitama on a school exchange programme. I attended Urawa Ichijo Daichi High School, as well as visiting major attractions such as Asakusa, Sensoji Temple, the Imperial Palace, Shibuya, the Tokyo Skytree, and of course, essential stops such as Mos Burger and the Pokemon Centre!

My short trip to Japan was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I learnt so much more of the language in just a few days than I had done in 4 years of formal study, and I fell in love with the food and culture, although not so much the rush hour trains out of Tokyo . . . I'm sincerely hoping that my career will lead me back to the country one day.

Abbey Road

Outside the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. I'm sure the Emperor appreciated my antics.

Radio Presenter

I currently present my own weekly music show at Liverpool Guild of Students, entitled The Daydio Show. You can find information about my show here.

In February 2017, I had the opportunity to represent my university on BBC Radio 4's student quiz show, 'The 3rd Degree', where a team of three students are pitched against three of their respective lecturers. I was selected from my entire department after audition, and despite being the youngest student to appear on the show, I was the only one to score full marks in my specialist round, alongside one of the 'dons'.


A shot from my appearance on The 3rd Degree. I'm second from the right.

Future Solicitor

Next year, I will be applying for vacation schemes with the hope of securing a training contract following graduation.

My interest in corporate law began after I attended a talk on real estate law at a large firm. Before, my impression of the industry was that there was little variation, but I soon realised how wrong I was. I realised how I could combine many of my interests - Economics (for which I won a school prize for in 2016), the Asia-Pacific region, and writing (I have written excavation reports, essays, research projects, poems and more). In addition to these, I realised, from working in retail and from short work experience placements in investment banking and consultancy, that I enjoyed the transactional nature of corporate law - the combination of both business and academic rigour.

I applied, successfully, to two law programmes - the SEO London Corporate Law programme, and City Solicitors (CS) Horizons. I was twice successful, and am currently being mentored by an Associate attended Pinsent Masons LLP.

Anything Else?

A few photos of me for you to enjoy, I suppose?


Hopefully my modelling career will take off at some point.


Getting my fencing practice in at Fuxing Park, Shanghai.

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