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Hi there. I'm Elissa, a 3rd year university student studying Egyptology with Chinese, which is a major/minor course.


Me, in my natural habitat (a fried chicken restaurant).


Yes, Egyptology with Chinese. An odd sounding combination, but one that makes a lot more sense than you think. Additionally, I work as a Student Advocate and am a member of three societies - fencing, radio and SACE (Society of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology).


I'm currently a student at the University of Liverpool, but I am from London and am based there during the holidays.


I know how hard it is for students these days to get the experience they need for the graduate market. Last summer, I was determined to work in order to save up for university. I sent off countless applications, with an interview rate of around 20%. Most employers weren't willing to take me on for just a few months, but my perseverance paid off, with not one, but two jobs, at Clinton Cards and Build-A-Bear Workshop. Additionally, I can help you to improve your time management and organisational skills, as well as give advice on choosing university courses and universities themselves. I work as a moderator for The Student Room, so have been used to giving students, of all ages and backgrounds, a range of advice, for the past few years.


My tips will probably be most useful to those in 6th Form, or in their early years at university, as these are the most crucial times to making important decisions.


This website was designed as part of the 2017 Code First: Girls course at the University of Liverpool, in order to help students like myself organise their university lives and make good decisions. It contains various resources, such as articles, vocabulary lists and templates for CVs and timetables.

I was a fairly average student before coming to university. Since starting my degree, I have achieved a 1st Class mark in every single examination and piece of summative coursework to date, on top of having a part-time job, and being a member of three societies. I am also a massive procrastinator (I watched three seasons of Haikyuu in a few weeks last semester). It shocked me to realise that it is entirely possible to do well at university, as well as having the time to do plenty of extra-curricular activities, so I'm keen to give advice to any student that wants it!

Additionally, if you are interested in studying abroad, especially in China, please let me know, as this year, I was lucky enough to be selected to participate on a government-funded scheme to study at East China Normal University (in Shanghai) for three weeks.


There's always time for selfies in China. See my 'About' page for more information!

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